Den Flashback #3–Here’s where I moan about paint colors!

Why do they bother to name colors things like “Churchill Hotel Maple,” “Mark Twain House Tan,” and “Strawberry Malt” . . . ?

Why don’t they just keep it real and say, “Use this color and your project will turn out the exact same color as Silly Putty.”

If they used better titles, I might not be confused whether I should use my desk to write on or press it against the Sunday comics to make prints.

Pottery Barn Inspiration

Remember my inspiration desk?  Isn’t that a nice color stain on the top?  Turns out that it’s impossible to achieve that honey0colored-wood look on a door that was meant to be painted.  First I tried yellow.  The desk looked like it belonged in McDonalds.  Next, I went for a light tan–hoping for an unfinished wood color.  The result–just like I said above–Silly Putty!  I decided I had spent enough on paint and I had to live with it this time!  Since there will be plexiglass across the top, I can always put fabric, wallpaper, or wrapping paper on the top of the door.  Maybe I’ll eventually find something better.  (I can always dream, but in the meantime . . . Silly Putty is here to stay.  Sigh.)

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