4th of July Bingo!

It’s Bingo time again! These 4th of July Bingo boards are perfect for a summer picnic, entertaining kiddos at a family reunion, or an at-home boredom buster.

Cool summer game perfect for a 4th of July picnic or family reunion! 4th of July Bingo {OneCreativeMommy.com} Free Printables #bingo

Summer Bingo

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How many times have you heard it this summer? “Mom. I’m bored! There’s nothing to do.” Are you counting? Are you pulling your hair out yet? Next time you hear it, pull out this bingo game instead of your hair, and enjoy a few moments of freedom from boredom!

I’m offering 6 unique 4th of July bingo boards for free here. If you need more boards for a large group of kids at a birthday party or a family reunion, head to my Etsy store for 30 unique boards.

Don’t worry. You don’t need a grown up to play this great game. Large calling cards are included, and since they are pictures, even little children can take turns being in charge. They don’t even have to say anything. They can just hold up the picture if they are too little to describe it.

How to Play

Since this game is obviously different than traditional Bingo, here’s how it works: Cut the two pages of calling cards into individual cards and put them into a bag or hat. To play, pull a card out of the hat, and call out what is on the card (or just show the card). Players look for that picture on their card and cover it up. Continue pulling cards from the bag one at a time until someone gets five in a row. (You cannot play blackout because every card has every picture on it. This game is meant to be played for traditional five-in-a-row bingo only.)

To download, simply click on the download button below. Clicking will open a pdf document of the bingo boards in a new window. You can print the 4th of July bingo game from that window or save the game to your computer for later.

Click to download file from One Creative Mommy

Need more 4th of July Bingo boards? Head to my etsy store by clicking the link image below.

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*Thanks to Huckleberry Hearts and South Street Creative for the adorable clipart used in my game. (I created the Land of the Free Space image.)

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Have a great summer!




  1. These are awesome! I throw a big 4th of July bash every year so I am going to pin these for new year!

  2. These are so cute!! My kids would love this game.

  3. My kiddos would enjoy something like this for holidays. It is definitely a great way to keep them entertained when they are with their cousins.

  4. This is so cute! Saving this to do with my son and niece and newphews next 4th of July!

  5. Those are so cute. What a great way to keep the kids occupied!

  6. 4th of July!!! Girl, I’m ready for fall. I do like the Halloween Bingo and the Christmas one. What a cute idea and fun at that.

  7. I’m in love with all your Bingo sets. Heading over and pinning them all. Cannot wait to show my daughter – thank yoU!

  8. My kids are sure to love the bingo games. They’ll be especially excited to play bingo with candy instead of stamps!

  9. Hi,
    Thank you so much for these great Bingo boards! I am a Life Enrichment Coordinator at a a senior living community, and these are SO helpful. They love them (and so do I!) I used to make my own but that was time consuming and they never turned out this cute! Thank you!

  10. Thank you! These are great. My kids are getting ready to play now. They were super excited to see that you created 6 DIFFERENT cards! You’re awesome and very considerate.

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