Easy Cardboard Spinning Ghosts

If you are looking for a super cheap, super easy decorating idea for Halloween, then look no further.  These spooky ghosts only cost me $.90!!!  (3 posterboards/$.30 each)  These simple spinning ghosts were a hit with the kids and made a great statement for our party.  The hardest part of the project was keeping the kids from spending all day climbing through the ghosts and making them spin! In this post, you’ll find easy directions for giant ghosts, and free printable templates for mini spinning ghosts.

These cardboard spinning ghosts are such a quick and easy decorating idea for Halloween -- and they are so cheap to make! {OneCreativeMommy.com} #halloweendecor #frugal #ghosts

Cardboard Spinning Ghosts Craft

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Ready to make some?  Just cut a spiral shape, add a face, hang it up . . . and you’re done!

DIY Spinning Ghosts

In case you need just a little more instruction, here goes . . . (If you’re nervous, don’t worry–I’ve made you a pattern!)

  • For the long ghost, use an entire sheet of poster board.  For the shorter ghosts, use half sheets of poster board.  (I made one full-sized ghost and four half-sized ghosts).  If you can’t quite tell how to cut the spiral, I’ve made you a pattern.  Click on the link at the end of the post to download a letter-size version of the spinning ghost.  Print it on card stock and cut it out to give yourself an idea of how to cut the larger cardboard shapes.  (Bonus–enjoy the cute tiny ghosts to hang somewhere else!  I hung mine over the kitchen table.)
  • Create the faces by cutting shapes out of black card stock.  (For those of you who are a little insecure about your face-cutting skills, I’ve included five sets of eyes and mouths in the download (1 large and 4 small faces).
  • To hang the ghosts, punch a hole near the top of the head, off center toward the spiral.  If you punch the hole directly in the center, the ghosts won’t hang quite right.  Hang with thread or fishing line.

If you’re feeling a bit craft challenged, and you’re not interested in making the ghosts all on your own, just skip the steps above. Head straight to the free printable to make tiny ghosts. I’ve included a ghost with a face and one without. That way you can copy mine or create your own.

Attention teachers and room moms: This is a simple craft with very little prep that works great for elementary school classrooms. I love to use the tiny ghosts at class parties. They’re always a big hit!

Click the download button with the three dots below to get your free printables. (Clicking will open the pdf files in a new window. You can print from there or save the files to your computer for later.

Click to download file from One Creative Mommy

Mini Spinning Ghosts Decor Idea

Is your living space to small for the huge ghosts?  Try this table-top version.  Mine are hanging over my kitchen table.  (If you need a little motivation to clean your kitchen–just create a project that requires taking pictures in the kitchen!  I dusted that chandelier for the first time in four years today!  What would I do without my blog to motivate me?)

Mini Spinning Ghosts and Free Pattern

This idea came from Parents Magazine.  You can see the original project here.

Thanks for visiting, and have fun creating!

Cardboard Spinning Ghosts with free Patterns

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  1. This is so cute. I remember making spirals like this in grade school and hanging them above light bulbs as a science experiment to prove that hot air rises. As the lights heat up, the spiral would spin!

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