Easy Snacks on the Go for Weight Loss

Lately, I’ve been snacking on junk because it’s quick and easy.  It’s time for a change, so I’m sharing something new I’ve found for easy snacks on the go. Until recently, I’ve typically been a healthy eater and an active person with lots of energy.  That changed when I started blogging.  I found myself sitting a lot of the day and grabbing whatever snacks I could find to nibble on while I worked.  When I wasn’t at the computer, I was running around with the kids–also grabbing whatever quick food I could find.  It was usually junk.  It’s time for a a change, so I’m starting the Slimfast 14-Day Slimdown.

Easy Snacks on the Go {OneCreativeMommy.com}

I love that Slimfast has prepackaged snack bars that I can grab when I don’t have time to prepare something healthy.

Before I get into the details, I need to clarify that I am not an advocate of losing weight just to fit into society’s image of “thin.”  I am an advocate of losing weight when you are not living a healthy lifestyle.  That’s where I am today.  My weight isn’t awful, but I feel awful.  I have no energy, and I’m tired a lot.  It’s time to change that!  When I got my box of Slimfast’s new Greek Yogurt & Honey Snack Bars, I noticed the weight-loss instructions on the box and decided to give the program a try.

As a mom of three daughters, I think it’s really important to add:   I am very careful not to talk about “being skinny” with my girls.  When I’m trying to lose weight, I don’t use those words.  I talk about wanting to be healthy and take better care of my body.  I don’t ever want my girls to feel pressure to be thin.  I hope to encourage them to be healthy and happy with their bodies.

Here’s my motivation picture. I’m young, healthy, and full of energy. (Baby girl is now 12 and hates to have her picture taken.) I know I won’t ever look like that again, but I’d like to feel that good again!


Slimfast 14-Day Slimdown -- Where I started

Are you ready to try to get healthier with me?  Here’s how the Slimfast® 14-Day Slimdown works:

  • Swap two meals daily with a Slimfast® protein shake or meal bar
  • The third meal must be 500 calories
  • Enjoy three 100-calorie snacks or pieces of fruit per day
  • Don’t exceed 1200 calories per day
  • Do 30 minutes of light to medium exercise daily and drink plenty of water

What do you think?  The plan’s pretty easy, and you only have to prepare one meal a day!  For me, the program is a convenient and delicious way to lose up to lose 6 pounds in the first 2 weeks.  Are you ready to give it a try with me?

Easy Snacks on the Go {OneCreativeMommy.com}

I’ve been drinking the strawberries n’ cream protein meal shakes for two days now, and they’re yummy!  I’m going to try chocolate next.  (I can finally have chocolate for breakfast!) As for snacks, I love that I can nibble on a snack bar at the computer or throw one in my purse when I’m on the run.  (When I have time, I try to grab fruit and other healthy snacks, too–but those are tough to fit in my purse!)  After coming up with meals for picky kids and one gluten-free eater, sometimes I have no more energy to find something healthy for myself.  I loved grabbing a shake on the go today!

My favorite thing about the snack bars and the shakes is that I can just grab them and go.  I’ve sipped their yummy strawberry shakes the last two days as meal replacements and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I felt full and satisfied!  (Please note that the shakes and meal-replacement bars are meant to be used as a full meal replacement, not as a supplement to a meal!)

Slimfast has some great tools to get you started losing up to six pounds in the first two weeks!

  • Visit the Slimfast® website to learn more about their plans and to see their products, recipes and special offers.
  • It’s super easy to sign up for Slim Coaching.  Just click the link and fill out a simple form to receive one email a day to help you on your weight loss journey.  (Tips include funny videos, daily motivation andtips from experts.)

So, here’s a little secret . . . you know that picture of me that shows up on my sidebar?  It’s five years old!  I keep telling myself I’ll change it when I lose a little weight, but that day hasn’t come!  Here’s me today . . . well, this past Fall (I don’t jump into many pictures these days!).  This is the me that has no energy and needs to eat better and get more exercise.  I hope you’ll see a new me sometime soon.  Not the old me in 2004, but a happy medium!  I’ll keep my wrinkles and new post-baby body shape.  Those are badges of honor, right?


Slimfast 14-Day Slimdown -- Where I'm starting

Alright, so now that I’ve posted a very unflattering picture of myself on my blog for the whole world to see, that means I have to stick with it and get myself out of my unhealthy rut! Are you ready to join me?  The Slimfast 14-day Slimdown sounds pretty easy (at least the food prep part), so what are you waiting for?  If unmotivated me can do it, so can you!

Thanks for stopping by today.  You might like some of these healthy recipes.  (Images below are linked.)

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  1. Awesome tip – I’m gonna have to try these!

  2. I’m going to have to give those a try! You look great in all your pictures, btw! :)

  3. I love Grab and Go snacks! Especially ones that I can tuck in my purse and not worry about getting messed up if I happen to put a big ole camera on top. :)

  4. I think you look amazing in that picture (the 2013 one) – we need to be happy in our own skin though and I too am trying to shift a few pounds that snuck up on me over the winter so i can’t fit in my summer clothes! of cours by the time I lose it it will be winter again ;)

  5. These look great,thanks. I love having bars in my purse so I’m not tempted by fast food choices while running errands with my kids.

  6. You are beautiful! I have to try these bars. I can’t do the shakes, but I think I might like the bars.

  7. You’re so brave for sharing your photo! :) You look fabulous. Thanks for the snack tips!

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