Simple Chore Chart for Kids

Hi, everybody. I’m playing hookie today and hanging out with the lovely ladies of Pretty Providence. I’m sharing this super simple chore chart for kids. My sister was looking for a way to organize the morning for her twins, and she suggested this simple format. I love it! Once the kids finish a task, they get to move the job to the “done” side of the board. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Help little ones establish routines and learn responsibility with this super simple chore chart for kids! {}

Click the image below to find out more details about this design and to learn how to download. As usual, I personalize my printables for $10, so if you want your child’s name on the chart (if that’s all you want, I’ll do it for $5), or if you want different jobs, just let me know via my contact me page.

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  1. Love the chore chart for kids!

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