Simple Chore Charts for Kids

If you need a quick way to start a job schedule for your little ones, you are going to love this simple chore chart for kids. My sister was looking for a way to organize the morning for her twins, and she suggested this simple format. I love it! Once the kids finish a task, they get to move the job to the “done” side of the board. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Help little ones establish routines and learn responsibility with this super simple chore chart for kids! {}

Keep reading to find out more details about this design and to learn how to download. As usual, I personalize my printables for $10, so if you want your child’s name on the chart (if that’s all you want, I’ll do it for $5), or if you want different jobs, just let me know via my contact me page.

A simple chart is the best chart!

When I started this project, my sister’s twins were in preschool. She wanted them to have a routine to get things done every morning and evening. I guess this chore chart worked, because they’re headed to first grade next year, and I still see the charts every time I go to visit.

The more complex charts I made when my kids were little didn’t last long at all. I guess simple really is best!

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Teach young children responsibility with this simple chore chart for kids! {} Free printable

Why does this chart work so well?

Little kids love this chart, and I think I know why. It’s gotta be the velcro! I know. Silly, right? But what kid doesn’t love playing with velcro? It’s just so satisfying. Every time the child finishes a step on her to do list, she gets to move the picture to the “Done” column. Simple and effective!

All you need to use this chart in your own home is cardstock, a color printer, adhesive velcro (I like the circles), and a pocket laminator. If you don’t want to invest in a pocket laminator, you can also get them laminated at a copy shop or library. I’ve linked you to my favorite products (affiliate links).

To download the chart, click on the download image below

More charts your kids will love!

Thanks for stopping by today. I love creating printables for kids. If you’re looking for more, try my motivational point cards. Your kids get to fill in the circles every time they complete a chore, you catch them doing something great, or they take a step toward whatever goal you set together. You set the prize for completing the card. (Some of my kids’ favorite rewards are money or a date with Daddy.)

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