Simple and fun Halloween hair

The holidays are sneaking up, and life is getting busy. I’ve got a quick Halloween hack for you today. If you can braid hair (any kind of braid) then you can pull off this simple and subtle Halloween hair.

Give your hair a little Halloween fun with this simple idea {} Easy Halloween Hair

The other day, while cleaning out our Halloween decorations bucket, we stumbled on the easiest Halloween hair idea ever! At the bottom of the bucket, we found a little pile of plastic spiders. (I think they probably came in a bag of spiderwebs — the kind that you stretch out and put in your trees, but you only do it once, because it makes such a huge mess and is almost impossible to remove from the tree when you’re done!) I think spider rings would work, too.

Give your hair a little Halloween fun with this simple idea {} Easy Halloween Hair

All we did to create this whimsical style was tuck the spiders in the braid. That’s it. No difficult instructions. No fancy steps. Just tuck the spiders in and go!

I’m not suggesting that these will stay in if you go and do cartwheels or back flips. So, if that’s in your plan for the day, you’ll probably lose the spiders. If you use spider rings, and it feels like they’ll fall out, you could try sliding a bobby pin through the ring on the back side of the braid. Get creative!

If you have dark hair, use florescent spiders!

Perfect for Crazy Hair Day or Halloween, this Spider Hair tutorial is easy and fun! {}

If you have a little more time on your hands, try this fun Spider Halloween hair. It’s definitely not subtle, but it sure is fun!

Not a fan of spiders? How about this adorable Octopus Halloween hair? Just as cute, but not quite as creepy!

Crazy Hair Day doesn't have to mean ugly hair -- Check out this adorable Octopus Hair {}

What do you think? Will you try any of these ideas with your kids? How about you? Would you try any of these ideas as an adult? I usually end up helping with the class Halloween party, so I’ll probably try something crazy.

Silly Halloween Hair Idea | Bats in the Belfry {}

I once went to school with my hair like this (think “Bats in the Belfry”), but my hair was so thin then that it barely covered the plastic cup hiding under my ponytail. I have even less hair now, so there’s no chance I could do that again! Maybe I’ll go for the spider hair. I bet I could spray paint the spiders hot pink or something so that they’d show up in my hair.

Have fun! Thanks for stopping by today. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to find even more great ideas.



  1. Love the braid with the spiders!

  2. High points for the creative hairstyles!

  3. You always have so many great hair ideas that are so fun! Thanks for sharing again!

  4. Look at all of these super cute hair ideas :)

  5. I LOVE those spiders!!!

  6. These are all so cute! I have super thin hair too so I guess that last one is out for me but I think I want to try that Octopus one next week!

  7. I wish I had a daughter! I suppose I could try them on myself, though! :)

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