Super Cute Paper Heart Valentine Craft

Tired of the snow yet? I’ve got a quick and easy Valentine craft idea for you to brighten up the winter blahs. This cute little project is just a simple heart paper chain, but with a little imagination, you won’t believe what kids will come up with. We have paper hearts all over the house! (Bedroom doorbells, doorknob hangers, chandelier decorations, a door wreath, necklaces, etc.) The possibilities are endless.

I love these heart shaped paper chains! Such a cute and easy Valentine craft for kids! {OneCreativeMommy} Valentine Crafts

We used double-sided craft paper for this project, but you can use anything.  You could even cut up old greeting cards.  Why not?

This craft is super simple, but since it does require a stapler, young kids will definitely need help from an adult.


Valentine Heart Paper Chain Craft

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Heart Paper Chain Valentine Craft {} Materials


  • Strips of craft paper. (Mine are 1 1/2″ wide by 12″ long.)
  • Baker’s twine, ribbon, string, or yarn.
  • Stapler and staples.

This really is incredibly easy. You can vary the instructions below by changing the width and length of the paper and by making your chain as long or as short as you wish. A single heart hung with a string from a door knob is adorable. (Trust me. We have hearts all over our house now!)

Heart Paper Chain Valentine Craft {} Steps


  1. Fold each strip of paper in half.
  2. Bend the loose ends in toward the fold to form a heart.
  3. Slip a second strip of folded paper inside the top of the heart (the folded side goes inside the heart), and staple.
  4. Repeat with each strip of paper.
  5. Before stapling your final heart closed, tie a knot in the end of a piece of baker’s twine, ribbon, yarn, or string. Tuck the string inside the top of the heart, and staple above the knot. (Your knot should be below the staple so that the string will not pull out.)
  6. Now hang your chain somewhere to show it off!

To turn your chain into a necklace, simply tuck the bottom of your first heart into the top of your final heart, and staple closed.

*I did try this project with craft tape instead of staples to see if littler kids could do it with glue. The hearts fell apart. You really do need the security of the staples if you plan to hang the hearts.

What do you think? Super easy, right? That’s my favorite type of craft. Have fun with the kiddos, and thanks for stopping by today. Before you leave, be sure to follow me on Pinterest, and check out some of my favorite Valentine’s Day ideas. (Just keep scrolling. Click on the images to visit the posts.)

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  1. Very pretty! Little girls would love these. They make a great craft for a Valentine party! I agree that youngest kids would need help with a stapler, but once they are old enough they really enjoy using tools like this. My grandkids love paper punches! Once they are strong enough to use them, that’s all they want to do!

  2. This is darling!!!! Thanks for linking up to Link Party Palooza!

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