Organize Me #4: Laundry Room Counter

Organized Counter Before and After

It’s time to organize a counter top.  Raise your hand if your counters often look like the before picture.  Come on . . . don’t be shy. . . . I know I’m not the only one!

I have two clutter tough spots (okay–a lot more than two–but I’ll deal with the others another time):  The laundry room counter, and the kids stuff left all over the house.  I can’t remember the last time there was actually room to fold laundry on this counter!  It’s just so easy to dump stuff on that counter when I walk in the back door.  As for the kids stuff all over the house–I want them to learn to clean up after themselves, but I get tired of looking at it all day while they’re at school.  Here’s my solution:

Bin Closeup

I purchased these buckets at Walmart from their Easter decor, and I love the color. There is one for every member of our family.  Using Photoshop, I created a label for each bucket.  (The kids names are smudged out for this post.)  Now, as I find things out of place throughout the day, I pick them up and drop them into the correct bucket. When the mail comes–instead of keeping piles of things to look at later, I just dump the junk mail and drop the other stuff into the right bucket (the shopping ad I want to look at later, Steve’s magazines, etc.), and ignore it until I’m ready to look at it.

The other good thing about this project is that I actually found the counter in my laundry room! It was there hiding under the junk the whole time! Now I can even fold laundry in the laundry room! (I’ve never actually done that before!) So, now you’re wondering . . . “When do the buckets actually get emptied?” Well, I don’t quite have a system for that yet. For now, I just hand the kids their bins when I want them to put their things away. I’ll get a system someday. Today, I’m just happy to be able to find all of my counters again. (It seems like my counters are always covered with paperwork and things that are now tucked away in these buckets.)


Mom Tip:

Do your kids save everything like mine?  Do you have tiny junk toys, stickers, rocks, etc that the kids just have to keep and can’t possibly get rid of?  When I find them on the floor, I often put them in the kids’ buckets.   When it’s time to empty them, I quickly scan each bucket for items like that which have been out of sight for a while and not missed.  Then I sneak them out of the buckets and get rid of them!  (Don’t tell my kids!)  I know.  I’m either a mean mom or a genius.  Probably both!!!


Instructions:  Fill buckets, empty, repeat!!

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  1. Very clever! – and organised! :)
    Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

    • Wow! Thanks, Pernilla, for visiting all the way from Australia! Come back soon. I checked out your site, too! Love your linen cupboard.

  2. Great idea! Yes, you want them to learn to put their things away but you don’t want to leave it around all day waiting for them. Great solution and thrifty too, I bet. I need a little bucket (or maybe a very big bucket) for my Fellow. You think it would work?? Lol Thank you for sharing at Freedom Fridays. Have a great week.
    Have you entered my giveaway yet?

  3. LOVE this idea! I too LOVE the color of the buckets! I should try this system at home!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  4. Love this idea. My kitchen counter looks like this. I might have to try something similar. My fear is that the kids stuff in the buckets will just get dumped in their rooms and their rooms will be even more of a mess. Let me know when you come up with a system for that too. Great job on your counter. Oh, and I’ve bought after holiday bins on sale too. Great way to get bins for cheap.

  5. Such a great idea. My laundry room is always a mess. I’m going to have to give this a try.

  6. Brilliant! I do this same thing, sans buckets! When the stuff starts piling up in the laundry room, I start tossing the obvious junk and questioning them about the um, questionable stuff! Thanks for linking up to Gettin’ Krafty With It.

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