Let’s Get Organized for Summer!

This is the third time I’ve posted today.  I promise, it will not be a trend!


Today was our first official day of summer vacation, and my house is a — call the reality TV show to get my life in order — disaster!  I’ll admit it.  I’m in a rut.  I’d much rather work on projects or sleep in than get the house clean.

Time to get restarted for summer!  Anyone else want to join me?

Today the kids and I put the names of all the rooms in the house in a jar.  We started by picking a room–and then cleaning it as fast as we could, then we moved on to the next room.  We got through three rooms before we got too tired and Boo and Lu had had enough.  Bear was such a big help!  She really wanted to keep going, but we plan to do a little each day until we finish.  The goal is to keep the rooms we have cleaned clean as we finish the rest of the house.  How did I get them to work?  Easy–I promised a trip for Frosty’s after we accomplished our goal.

In the meantime, the girls are earning stickers on some charts we made for the girls to earn money.  I’m planning to post them as a freebie on Friday.

Please share your ideas!!!  What works for you?  What’s your summer schedule?

Once we get the house clean, we plan to tidy up one room a day and see if we can keep it clean!  Wish us luck!  (I also hope to put some time in there for school review–like getting out those games I’ve made and playing them!)


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