Holiday Family Photo Fun

Admit it.  Taking family pictures is not usually fun.  Getting everyone to smile at the same time is a chore, and if you have little ones, you’ll probably see some tears and pouting faces. I am horrible about getting family pictures taken.  But, when it comes to pictures for the family Christmas card–we’re all smiles.  We’ve created some great memories over the years–making the holiday family photo fun instead of a chore.  Want to see how we do it?

Too hard to get everyone to smile at once? Grab some Santa hats and get silly! Have some Holiday Family Photo Fun! {Christmas Family Picture Idea}

We don’t even try to take a picture of everyone at once.  Instead, we each don a Santa hat and ham it up!  We take turns taking pictures of each other being silly.(This started because I only had one Santa hat, so we had to share.  Last year, we finally got four more at the after-Christmas sales.)

Believe it or not, my picture-hating 13-year-old even has fun!  I love the crazy pictures of get of the kids being silly.  I often like them better than the smiling shots!  Here’s our collection of Santa hat family photos.

Too hard to get everyone to smile at once? Grab some Santa hats and get silly! Have some Holiday Family Photo Fun! {Christmas Family Picture Idea}

You might notice that Mom and Dad’s pictures sometimes stay the same from year to year. I guess some years we’re a little camera shy! Twice, we got busy and missed the hat traditions.  We created New Year’s cards for family and friends instead.  Now that I see all of these cards together, I won’t forget again.  Check out some of the memories we made over the years:

Too hard to get everyone to smile at once? Grab some Santa hats and get silly! Have some Holiday Family Photo Fun! {Christmas Family Picture Idea}

Taking pictures with Santa hats is just too much fun.  Fingers crossed that we find time (and sunlight) to get them done tomorrow.  The weather outside is definitely frightful right now!

Since we couldn’t take Santa pictures today, we spent time together creating a few LEGO Minifigure Holiday cards instead.  Check out our Santa hat version: (Now, if we don’t get our pictures taken, we can use this one instead! :-)

Merry Christmas! You can create your own LEGO Minifigure Holiday Card, too. Kids (and grownups) can customize everything from facial expression to clothing. So fun! #MinifigureFamily #CG



I hope you have a great time with family pictures this year!  Who says family photos can’t be fun?!

Thanks for stopping by today.  You’ll find more holiday inspiration below.  (Images are linked.)

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  1. Heidi, it must be so much fun at your house….you always have the coolest ideas!

    • There is fun at our house . . . but also tantrums and messes and all the regular stuff that is at everyone else’s houses! Thanks so much. (This idea came from desperation. When you can’t get everyone together to take a photo, you improvise.

  2. I love how these turned out! Such a cute and neat DIY idea!

  3. I love the idea to of taking individual portraits! SO much easier. Can’t believe I haven’t thought of that yet. Your pictures are so fun! Love the Lego cards too- I think we’ll do those this afternoon when the kids will be officially home for Christmas break! Thanks Heidi!

  4. Love the idea of taking pictures individually and hamming it up! I have a 3 1/2 year old, 21 month old and a newborn and it is impossible to get them all to look and smile at the same time! such a great idea!

    • Thanks, Michelle. You would think that getting kids to smile at once would get easier as you get older, but it doesn’t! Then you get tweens going through the “I won’t smile for a picture” phase! It sounds like you have your hands full in a really good way!

  5. Those Lego cards look so fun! Thanks for sharing your fabulous ideas!

  6. Those are ADORABLE Heidi! We are taking individual pictures this year for our Christmas card as well. Too hard to get everyone looking at the same time with little kids ;)

  7. What fantastic ideas! I especially love the yarn trees. I’m debating about whether I should add them to my before Christmas list, or just make them as decorations for January. :)

  8. I love your Christmas card picture idea. So much easier to take separate photos. We also did individual pix this year, but I think it would be fun to do silly pix next year. Thanks for the great idea.

  9. I love taking our family Christmas photos each year to see how our family has changed and grown! I love your individual pic “trick”…perfect! Cute family photos too! Have a blessed Christmas! I’m stopping by from Creative Bloggers Collective FB page…glad I did! :)

  10. What a totally cute idea!! :) Thanks for sharing!

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