Lunch Box Jokes {Cute Fruit Jokes!}

Thanks for stopping by to download my lunch box jokes. I hope they bring a smile to the faces of your kiddos–and maybe even to your spouse!  I’ve been known to hide some of the kids’ love notes and jokes in my hubby’s lunch occasionally.  Everyone needs a little love from home!

Lunch Box Jokes

Lunch Box Jokes {Fruit Jokes} Free #Printables for #backtoschool! {}

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You have two choices to download.  If you would like to print the jokes on your home printer, click the image below to download the 8.5″ x 11″ pdf file.

Click to Download Lunch Box Jokes from

If you prefer to have the jokes printed at Walmart, Costco, or wherever you like, click the download image below to download four 4″ x 6″ jpg files.  (2 jokes to a page.)

Click to download Back-to-School Motivational Point Cards

Because these jokes are so colorful, I like to print them at the store on photo paper.  That way, I don’t waste all of my ink, and the colors look really sharp.  When you send the images to print, be sure to choose the 4″ x 6″ size, and remove the auto correct feature that many photo printing places offer.  (If you choose auto correct, the colors will come out very dark.)  I chose the matte finish, but it’s up to you what you like best.

You’ll want to use these jokes again and again, so don’t forget to laminate them!  I started out with a few lunch box love notes, and I add more every year.  The trick is trying to remember which notes you have already sent to which kid!  Good luck with that one.  I’m still trying to figure it out!

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See you next time.  Have a great week!



  1. Thank you for creating these fruit jokes lunch notes! We have had a rough first week of drop offs and it has drained me. A friend showed these to me and not only did they bring laughter to my child my husband and I were in tears laughing. I needed a good laugh this week! I’m excited to share your site.

  2. Thank you :) Last year I drew or wrote on my daughter’s napkin every single day. I started running out of ideas and I was often up late doing it b/c I forgot :-O This year I forgot to do it the first week of school and she kept asking about it. Your notes and others I have found online will help me not have to do it by hand every day :)

    • I’m so glad, Suz. What a dedicated mom to write on your daughter’s napkin every day! We just moved right before school started, and I didn’t get to use my notes in the kids’ lunch boxes because they were packed. I wish I had thought of the napkin idea! Thanks for the reminder to go unpack my notes. The kids definitely missed them. Glad I could save you some time!

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