Defend the Family by Teaching Children about the Divine Roles of Mother and Father

The traditional family is under attack. Having children outside of marriage used to be taboo, but now it is commonplace and widely accepted. Staying home to care for home and children used to be an admirable career path for women, but now that career is under valued. Dignified, understanding and loving fathers used to be the television ideal, but now TV dads are often portrayed as stupid, lazy, and selfish. How do we defend the family and teach children to be caring and loving parents when the media distorts the ideal of a loving and supportive family?

Wonder how to defend the family when traditional family are under attack? You must read these tips to teach children about the divine roles of mothers and fathers. {}

I believe we do this by teaching our children about the divine roles of mothers and fathers. These roles are very different than the roles suggested on TV and in the media.

Listen to this simple, but beautiful song about families by Matthew Neeley. It’s called, “The Family is of God.”

We teach the divine roles of mother and father in our homes by example.

Bonnie Oscarson, President of the Young Women’s organization for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, said:

[A] principle which calls for our defending voices is elevating the divine roles of mothers and fathers. We eagerly teach our children to aim high in this life. We want to make sure that our daughters know that they have the potential to achieve and be whatever they can imagine. We hope they will love learning, be educated, talented, and maybe even become the next Marie Curie or Eliza R. Snow.

. . . we also teach our sons and daughters there is no greater honor, no more elevated title, and no more important role in this life than that of mother or father. I would hope that as we encourage our children to reach for the very best in this life that we also teach them to honor and exalt the roles that mothers and fathers play in Heavenly Father’s plan.

You can listen to or read the entire article here.

So, how can we teach our children about the divine roles of mother and father? Here are a few ideas. (None of us is a perfect parent. Especially me! These ideas are as much for me as they are for others!)

The Divine Role of Mothers

Our role is to nurture and strengthen our children. We teach and help them to develop good qualities and learn to serve in the home and the community.


  • Make yourself available to your children. Don’t be afraid to drop what you are doing, let laundry go unfinished for a while, and stop to listen to your kids. The kids need to know that you enjoy being with them, and that they are more important than a TV program or a game on your phone.
  • Make caring for your home important. Of course, your home doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m doomed if that’s the case! Take time to make your home a comfortable, clean and safe place, and teach your children how to help take care of it.
  • Make your home a place where it’s okay for them to make mistakes, and then lovingly help them learn from those mistakes.
  • Give children opportunities to serve others.
  • Tell your children you love them and recognize the good things they do.
  • Avoid complaining about the more mundane parts of motherhood in front of your children. Let them see that you enjoy being with them and serving them.
  • Help your children recognize the difference between the relationships they see on TV and the relationships they share in your family.
  • Treat your husband with love and respect and work as equal partners in raising your children.
The Divine Role of Fathers

The father’s role is to provide and lead in love and righteousness. He teaches the children and helps them develop good qualities.


  • Work hard to provide for your family.
  • Teach your children the value of hard work.
  • Make yourself available to your children. Listen to them and play with them.
  • Lead the family in prayer and in learning about God and his plan for his children.
  • Keep your language clean and teach children that real men are respectful and kind.
  • Treat your wife with love and respect and work as equal partners in raising your children.
  • Tell your children you love them and recognize the good things they do.
  • Make your home a place where it’s okay to make mistakes, and discipline with love and compassion.
  • Take time with each child. A monthly or weekly interview or date night with each child is a great way to learn what’s going on in their lives and to keep communication open.
Mothers and Fathers are Partners

Though mothers and fathers have different roles, they work together equally — as partners — to raise their children.


  • Continue to date each other! Keep the relationship alive by spending time together.
  • Let children see you working together.
  • Pray together. Make the Lord a partner in your marriage and seek his guidance in decision making.
  • Serve each other.
  • Treat each other the way you hope your children’s future spouses will treat them.

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  1. It’s always refreshing to see posts that defend the family. Many of these things can easily be done in the proper spirit.I think all family situations are different and some of these things may not be feasible for some families due to work situations, physical conditions, etc., however the principle of a mother and father striving with all their might to fulfill their divine roles in what Heavenly Father has given them remains the same. Thank you for the encouragement and tips :)

  2. So many great suggestions for both fathers and mothers to teach their children, especially through example. I love that the Proclamation is a great resource for families. We do our best and I know the Lord makes up for any lack we have.

  3. I really loved reading this, Heidi. I like the way you point out that we best defend the family by being an example and teaching our children what our roles are as parents. And those roles are so much bigger than I ever imagined, but I am also receiving so many blessings by doing my best to fulfill my role as mother to my children, however imperfectly.

  4. Beautiful post! I am so grateful we have direction with the gospel to know how families should be in these turbulent times. The roles of Mother & Father are sacred & should definitely be respected. I am sure you are a great example to your kids!

  5. Families are everything! We should never be afraid to defend them. Thanks for standing up for what is right.

    • I agree, Kerry. It seems like family life has taken a back seat for many. I’m happy that I get to stay home with my kiddos. (I know that not all women have that luxury. I’m grateful that I do!)

  6. Thank you for sharing. Families function better when everyone knows their appropriate role. God has a better plan for us in mind than what the wisdom of the world teaches us.

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