Cozy Sweater Pool Noodle Fall Wreath Tutorial

Did you survive Halloween? Our house is definitely suffering! I think it’s going to take a little while to clean up the chaos. Do you go straight from Halloween to Christmas, or do you keep your home decorated for Fall until Thanksgiving? I keep my home dressed in Fall decor, so I’m shifting the spooky to a more simple Fall style. I’m starting with this cozy Fall wreath. Can you guess what I used to create it?

Give a pool noodle a warm makeover with this cozy Fall wreath idea. {} Pool noodle wreath | Sweater makeover

I guess the caption on the image gave it away! I made this wreath from an old sweater, a pool noodle, and branch of fabric leaves from The Dollar Store. (If I did it again, I’d choose a yellow noodle so that the red doesn’t show through.)

DIY Fall Sweater Wreath

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Want to try your hand at making something like this? It wasn’t very hard. Stitching the sweater over the noodle took a little bit of time, but it was strangely soothing. It was pretty relaxing to stitch while I listened to a book on my phone.

Here’s how my wreath began:

Turn a pool noodle into a gorgeous Fall wreath with this simple tutorial {}

As I mentioned here in my Halloween wreath roundup, I now have a double front door, so I got supplies to make two matching wreaths. (Then I had company two weeks in a row, so I only have one competed so far. That’s life! I’d rather have company than finished craft projects any day!)

How to make a pool noodle wreath

Turn a pool noodle into a gorgeous Fall wreath with this simple tutorial {}

Once you have your noodles and a sweater, you need your wreath shape. It’s super easy to turn a pool noodle into a wreath.


  • A pool noodle (I bet you figured that part out already)
  • A large serrated knife (An electric knife works, too)
  • Duck tape
  • Scissors


Turn a pool noodle into a gorgeous Fall wreath with this simple tutorial {}

  1. Using the serrated knife, cut off one end of the noodle at an angle.
  2. Wrap the noodle into a circle and cut the other end of the noodle to match the cut you already made. It will be the opposite of your original cut. (When you are finished, the two pieces should fit together fairly well, but they don’t have to be exact.)
  3. Secure the ends together with duct tape. (It’s helpful to have an assistant for that part, but you don’t absolutely need one. I did it by myself, and it turned out fine.)

All done!

Give a pool noodle a warm makeover with this cozy Fall wreath idea. {} Pool noodle wreath | Sweater makeover

Now it’s time to create your wreath. Cut the sweater apart at the seams, and wrap pieces around the pool noodle wreath until you find a combination of pieces and textures that you like. I ended up using one sleeve and one piece from the back of the sweater. Cut the pieces so that there is about 1/4 inch of overlap as you wrap the sweater around the noodle. Put the ugly edges at the back of your wreath and stitch the sweater tightly together around the noodle. (Your seam should be on the back side of the wreath.

When your pieces overlap, put clean edges (like the bottom of the sweater or the ends of the sleeves) on the top, and tuck the cut edges underneath. Stitch those pieces together, too, so that they don’t slide around.

Once you have your sweater pieces completely sewn onto the wreath, embellish the wreath with Fall accents. I used fabric leaves and the buttons from the sweater, but you could use anything. Pine cones, real Fall leaves, acorns, buttons, and any other small Fall knickknacks you have lying around. What would you put on your sweater wreath?

Give a pool noodle a warm makeover with this cozy Fall wreath idea. {} Pool noodle wreath | Sweater makeover

Too busy to make your own wreath this year? Check out these cool Fall wreaths from

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a fantastic week. While you’re here, be sure to check out more great ideas for Fall and Thanksgiving.

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