Super Simple Christmas Neighbor Gifts

Seventeen days until Christmas, and I still have barely any shopping done! Yikes! My kids can’t really even narrow down anything realistic that they want, so I guess that means I don’t have to buy anything, right? (No, everyone cannot have a smart phone and an iPad, and we aren’t getting a dog.) At least I don’t have to go crazy finding things for my neighbors. I decided long ago to simplify. Today I’m sharing these super simple Christmas neighbor gifts.

Free printable for super quick and cute Christmas neighbor gifts! {} May your day be merry and Sprite!

I shared these last month on Pretty Providence, and I’m sharing them with you, today. (If you thought these looked familiar, that’s why. Either that, or you’re my neighbor, and I gave you this gift last year!)

The holidays are busy. (No one’s going to fight me on that one, right?) All I want to do is make everyone happy and get everything done — somehow while keeping the true spirit of Christmas in my home and smiles on the faces of my family members. Easy. Ha!!

That means that as much as I’d like to, the days of baking treats for the entire neighborhood are long gone. I look forward to doing that again when my kids are all grown up. For now, we can still enjoy our more simple–and more meaningful traditions. (Yep, we still go caroling door to door.)

These Christmas neighbor gifts are so quick and easy that you'll save tons of time this holiday season, and your friends and neighbors will love them. {}

To those of you who are still able to make time to bake for the neighborhood, I applaud you . . . and here’s my address! Just kidding. To those of you in my stage of life, enjoy this free printable for easy and stress-free neighbor gifts.

Click on the download link to go to my download page.
Click to go to my download page


Free printable for super quick and cute Christmas neighbor gifts! {} May your day be merry and Sprite!

Have a great week, and I wish you lots of extra time to finish your Christmas shopping and all of the other fun and meaningful things you have planned to do this month.

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