Pinecone Turkey Craft for Kids

It’s that time again. I’m guest posting on Juggling Act Mama! Today I’m sharing a quick and easy Pinecone Turkey Craft for Kids.

Easy Pinecone Turkey Craft for Kids {} Thanksgiving Craft and Decor

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Aren’t they cute?  The original was created by Boo when she was in kindergarten.  Since all of the feathers have definite color patterns, I’m sure her wise teacher used it as a fun way to practice patterns.

If you are wondering why colors of the “feathers” are nothing like the colors of a real turkey, you have probably never tried to talk a little girl out of using her favorite colors!  It’s definitely a battle I know is absolutely useless.  The colors have actually grown on me.  (Who says a turkey can’t dress up like a peacock?)

This craft is perfect for preschool and kindergarten, but I’m a grown up, and I enjoyed it, so your older kids might like it, too.  (You’re never too old to string beads, right?)

To get the full tutorial, head on over to Juggling Act Mama by clicking on the image below:

Click to see the tutorial on Juggling Act Mama

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  1. Boy grand and I made turkey magnets today, I bet he’d love threading beads and making pinecone turkeys tomorrow!

  2. These turkeys are so cute…a great Thanksgiving craft for your kids!

  3. This is such of a cute idea! …And I have pine cones too.

  4. I just picked up a bag of pinecones for another craft…so these will be perfect to make with the leftovers! It’s such a cute little craft!

  5. Your pine cone turkeys are adorable ! I love the beaded feathers so, creative! Pinned!

  6. Those turkeys are some of the cutest I have seen! Would make an adorable center piece!

  7. On my way to Juggling Act Momma! Thanks for sharing! Also wanted to let you know about a new linky party starting this Saturday at 8pm called “Found & Foraged” Can’t wait to party with you at

  8. Love these pine cone turkeys, Heidi! In fact, we featured them at The Project Stash! :)

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