Mommy Moment: Service

I know this blog is usually about crafts and projects, but today I’d like to share something a little different.  This week’s Mommy Moment is about service:  Sometimes we do the serving, and sometimes we are the ones being served.

Today some friends brought our family dinner. No, I’m not pregnant. No, none of us are sick, injured, or in any serious need. When they called early in the week to ask if they could bring it, I was taken aback.  It seems that usually we serve when something is going wrong.  All I could think was, “Everything is going fine at our house.  Why would you want to serve me?”

My friend insisted that they really wanted to do this for me, so I agreed to let them bring dinner–somewhat embarrassed, but secretly very excited to have a night off from cooking.  It turned out to be a super busy, crazy week, with me averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep a night. (Not because anything was wrong. Just because I chose to do way too many projects for Boo‘s b-day.)

Today I could’ve fallen asleep standing up, and I was ready to crash. I was so grateful to have that meal, and so grateful that someone thought enough to bring dinner to my family–not because we were in need, but just because. (On a side note–the dinner was absolutely fantastic! Not just because food always tastes better when someone else makes it, but because it really was fabulous!  It was like Sunday dinner at Mom’s house.)

I will thank these friends over and over, but I think the best thank you will be to pay it forward–by doing the same for someone else, and by sharing the idea with you. Sometimes its nice to serve each other–not only when something is wrong–but just because we care.  I’m grateful that these friends–both extremely busy women with their own challenges–chose to take time from their lives to serve me and my family.  They are true examples and followers of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  (Yes.  I do believe that every good idea comes from God–that He does inspire us to serve our fellow men.)  Perhaps they wondered as much as I did why the Lord would inspire them to take dinner to me, but I am very grateful that they followed that inspiration.  I’m sure my family could’ve eaten cereal for dinner tonight, but instead, we enjoyed a home-cooked meal–and even better–we felt loved.

I hope in writing this that no one misunderstands what I mean about being hesitant to let someone bring me dinner.  I mean that it’s often difficult for us to let others serve us, because we think we should be able to do everything ourselves.  These particular ladies are constantly serving others.  They are always busy serving.  I didn’t want to take their precious time, but I was honored that they wanted to serve me.  I also don’t mean to belittle any of the nice things that people do for me every day.  I have not been overlooked.  I’m grateful for every little smile and encouraging remark, for every person that’s invited my kids over to play so that I can get some work done, and for every phone call and dropped-off treat . . . the list goes on and on.  I’ve been served so much more than I can ever even hope to serve!  

Sometimes our “Mommy Moments” aren’t funny, crazy, or hectic.  Sometimes they are thoughtful moments when we can be grateful for our blessings and realize that there is something we can do to make our homes and communities a better place.

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