Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust Review and GF Kids Tips

Welcome back to Gluten Free Monday!  I hope you all had a nice break and are ready to make 2013 a great year!

Udi's Gluten Free Frozen Pizza Crust Review

To start the year, I’d like to tell you about a gluten free product I love.  During my Christmas break, Udi’s Frozen Gluten Free Pizza Crust saved me on a really busy day! (I’ve linked you to their non-frozen crust. It costs way to much to order frozen food from Amazon! Yikes!)

When my daughter (I call her Boo on this blog) was diagnosed with Celiac disease a few months ago, some of the best advice I was given was this:

Gluten Free Tip--Always have GF Pizza and Cupcakes in the Freezer! When you are invited to a party, you don't have to say no because you can't eat the food, and you always have something to send with your kids to a birthday party. #gluten#free#tip


Gluten Free Tip–Always have GF Pizza and Cupcakes in the Freezer!

That probably sounds funny if you don’t have an allergy, but I bet that all of you gluten-free eaters understand completely.  With pizza and cupcakes in the freezer, there is always something to grab when you are invited to a party or dinner and can’t be sure that the food will be gluten free.

If you have a gluten free kid, this is really important.  You’ll realize this the first time that a child in their class has a birthday.  What happens with every birthday?  They inevitably bring cookies, cupcakes, or donuts for the class–none of which your child can eat.  What happens at 80% of birthday parties?  There’s cake (and often pizza).  Again, your kid can’t eat it.

In December, I was caught off guard.  I was all out of homemade GF pizza, and I totally forgot that the church Christmas party that night was going to be a dinner.  On the way home from running errands, I grabbed a package of Udi’s Frozen Gluten Free Pizza Crust at the health food store.  Udi’s was my hero that night!

Udi's Gluten Free Frozen Pizza Crust Review #udi's#gluten-free

All I had to do was put the crust on a cookie sheet, add some sauce and toppings, and pop it in the oven.  In seven minutes, I had yummy, hot pizza to take to the Christmas party.  The crust was light and tasty, and Boo loved it.  (I did, too.)  With the salad from the party and a cupcake I pulled from the freezer, Boo had a complete meal and didn’t feel deprived at the party.

(Product photo from UdisGlutenFree.com)

Udi’s crusts come in packages of two, and can be frozen for up to six months.  I definitely plan to keep some on hand!

When I was checking out UdisGlutenFree.com tonight, I noticed that they also have complete frozen pizzas in several flavors.  I can’t wait to try them, too.

Now, are you ready to party?  If you haven’t had time to create anything new, feel free to link up a favorite recipe from 2012.

Udi’s sent my several products to taste and review, but the opinions expressed in this post are completely honest and my own.

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  3. Thanks for hosting, Heidi!

    I shared my recipe for Caramel Mocha (Soy, Egg, Wheat, Nut and Fish-Free, Can Be Milk-Free and Diabetic Friendly) that I featured on The Coffee Shop last week. It’s delish and can even be adapted to a cocoa for the non-coffee drinkers. :)

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  4. Thanks for hosting. I just looked at those pizza crusts at the store today, but unfortunetly for me, they contain egg! Bah! Anyway, I linked up a chili mac bake that can be made just about any way to suit anyone’s diet/restrictions/desires!

  5. I totally agree with your tip! But in our house it’s a gf pizza crust and gf cookies in the freezer! Ha!

    This week I’m linking up Baked Dijon Dill Chicken. Have a great week!

  6. Glad to be back :) I have tried Udi’s and use their brand alot. We also follow that advice of having a cupcake and pizza in the freezer, we do at all times as well! This week I linked up my Easy Veggie Rice Soup! Hope your week is great!

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  8. I love finding gluten free ideas for foods my youngest (and most picky) will eat! Thanks

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