First Day of Kindergarten

All of my kids are officially in school–add day.  I am free!  Today was Lu’s first day, and she was pretty funny.  After I helped her put her back pack away in her cubby, she marched to her desk, sat down, and immediately started coloring.  She only looked up when I asked her to smile for a picture.  She didn’t care if I was there or not.  At least she did look up to wave goodbye.  My friend wasn’t so lucky.  Her little girl kept her eyes glued to her coloring as she cheerfully said, “Bye, Mom.”  This is certainly a change from the six weeks of crying I endured last year!  It’s funny how some kids are just ready to go!  (I’m not complaining!)

Here’s my sweet kindergartener!

Lu's first day of kindergarten

And here are my girls–together at school for the first time ever.  (Don’t you think Boo looks a little like a mannequin in this pic?  I think I took the shot while she was still moving closer to Bear.)

All three at school together!

Ahhh.  Now to go dig out the house from the summer mess!  (This could take a while!)  I can’t wait to get organized again.


  1. Oh the memories that brings back for me. Enjoy! And good luck on the clean up. :)

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