Den Flashback #5: Drumroll, please!

Introducing our new desk!  Yeah!  It’s not quite finished, but we can start using it.  (Imagine the Pointer Sisters singing . . . “I’m so excited.  And I just can’t hide it . . . “)

finished pedestals and door top
The desk is so long (and the room is so narrow) that I can’t get the whole thing in one shot.  Here’s my best try.
pic of the length of the desk

Still to come:  Drawer pulls, back splash, keyboard trays and chair makeovers (no, the chairs will not stay pink!).

Here are the girls hamming it up while my hubby put things back together.  (Bear’s in the picture, so I know this is definitely a flashback.  Capturing her in film these days is like trying to photograph Big Foot!)

*Some people asked about the computers.  (I meant to leave them out of the pictures, but the desk got put together while I was at a meeting.)  I promise–the computers aren’t as fancy as they look.  The kids’ computers are ancient hand-me-downs, and we got a steal of a deal on the monitors.  We chose flat screen so that the kids had room to do homework, color, etc.  The kids mainly use the computers for,, and (friend magazine).

I’m not homeschooling.  I’m just finally consolidating all the mini desks into one place.  I wanted the computers all in a place where the family will use them together–to reduce the risk of the kids getting onto sites they shouldn’t.  Hopefully it will also inspire me to use some of my old teaching materials that I have pulled out.  Maybe we’ll do a little Summer School or something.


I know the desk looks pretty boring right now.  Trust me!  It will get better!  Stay tuned.


  1. I know this looks pretty drab. It will get better! Stay tuned!

  2. Erin Harbertson Gappmayer on Facebook says

    That looks great!

  3. Matheus Santiago says

    Nope. i really like it. This give me an idea on which model of desk should i use on my space, it seems to be similar to yours, but smaller.

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