Recycle Coloring Books

Recycle used pages and keep the clean pagesDo you have dozens of mostly-finished coloring books hanging out all over your house or in a bag of activities for your kids?  I do.  I noticed that the bag of activities I carry to church to keep my girls busy was getting very heavy!  When I looked through it, it was filled with coloring books that were 80-90% finished.  It seems that once the girls get new ones for Christmas, the old ones just hang out unfinished.

Here’s an idea to fix the problem.  Step 1-Rip off the covers, and then start removing pages.  (This is the fun part!)  Toss the pages that are already colored, and put the others into a pile.  Step 2-Trim the torn edge off the clean pages (I kept them if one side was clean and one colored–but you know what your kids will use and what they won’t).  Step 3-Find a place for your fresh coloring pages, and let the kids enjoy them!  (I put some in a drawer of scrap paper and some in the craft cupboard with some crayons.)

My stack of eight or so coloring books went from a huge, heavy mess to a large bag of trash and a neat pile of pictures, ready to color.

Here are a few additional ideas for the pages.

  • If your kids don’t like sharing coloring books when friends come over, you have a stack of pictures for the friend to choose from (and your kids don’t have to rip pages out of their “favorite” coloring book.
  • Instead of a coloring book, take a few pages in a folder or on a clipboard for your kids to use in the car, at the doctor’s office, etc.  (A few pages weighs a lot less than the whole book!)  It also will make it easy to share pages with other kids that need entertainment too!

Try pairing the coloring pages with a pencil or crayon roll.


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