The cutest Easter Bingo game for your family!

It’s almost Easter time, and you know what a new holiday means? It’s time for a new Bingo game! I’ve got an adorable set of Easter Bingo boards for you today.

The cutest Easter Bingo game! 10 free printable game boards {} Easter activities for kids

This year is passing so quickly that I can’t believe it’s March already. Maybe it’s the extra cool weather that has me behind. I already missed the early planting deadline for my spring garden, and I’m still trying to decide if I should give it a try this year. Before I know it, it will be summer, and the kids will be out of school! For those of you who don’t live in the desert, you probably have plenty of time left to plant your spring gardens. (Lucky you!)

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Easter Bingo Game

Despite the fact that I’m behind in my gardening, I’m super excited for Spring! The days are getting longer, the skies are getting bluer, and the sun is shining. Life is good.

So, let’s get to Bingo!

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The cutest Easter Bingo game! 10 free printable game boards {} Easter activities for kids

As you can see, my obsession with Kawaii clipart continues. (Kawaii means that everything has faces.) Most of these cute characters were created by Jessica Sawyer, with a few created by me. Can’t you just picture those pieces of candy on the game showing up in the next package of Shopkins? (Yes, my youngest is still in love with Shopkins.)

Since most classrooms don’t have class parties for Spring, I did not make my usual 30-board class set for this game. Instead, my printable is family size. The game includes 10 unique boards and a set of calling cards. Hopefully that’s enough boards to take care of your family and your kids’ friends.

Ready to download? Click on the download image (with the three dots) below. Clicking the image will open up the pdf file in a new window. You can print from there or save the file to your computer to print later.

Click to download file from One Creative Mommy

Read my terms of use for free printables here.

How to Play:

Since this game is obviously different than traditional Bingo, here’s how it works: Cut the two pages of calling cards into individual cards and put them into a bag or hat. To play, pull a card out of the hat and call out what is on the card (or just show the card). Players look for that picture on their card and cover it up with a marker or jelly bean. Continue pulling cards from the bag one at a time until someone gets five in a row. (You cannot play blackout because every card has every picture on it. This game is meant to be played for traditional five-in-a-row bingo only.)

The cutest Easter Bingo game! 10 free printable game boards {} Easter activities for kids

Have fun, and thanks for stopping by today! You’ll find the rest of my bingo games here.

The Ultimate Holiday Bingo Games Collection! {} Free printable bingo games for the major holidays.

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  1. Okay that is super cute and colorful :)
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  2. That’s very cute and creative! If I had kids we would try it out!

  3. Oo my daughter would love this. She’d call it “kawaii.”
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  4. What mum doesn’t love a great printable!!! I adore these, thanks for sharing because we will be getting stuck in during the holidays for sure!

  5. I’ll definitely be playing bingo with my son for easter now!

  6. You always have the cutest little Bingo boards! I love it! (Also, I pinned this for later with my own kids, and the “You’ve Been Egged” post. I can’t wait to help my kids sneak around egging the neighbors.)
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  7. Stephenie - Blended Life Happy Wife says:

    This is such a fun Easter game idea. We are always looking for new things to try with the kids

  8. This is so cute!!!! I’m always looking for ideas for the kids and this looks amazing!

  9. Oh my, these are so cute! My daughter will love this! Thank you for sharing.

  10. First I have to say that your site is very beautiful. I love the logo at the top. But second, I do think that the Easter Bingo cards look like they are a lot of fun. I wish I had them a few years ago when my daughter was a bit younger. She would have enjoyed them.

  11. This bingo game is adorable. You are so creative. Thanks for this great tip.
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  12. wow, the game is so interesting and creative. I will make it for my children at this weekend. Thanks for sharing!
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  13. This is so cute and cool! I’d love to do this with my nephews. The pictures look adorable. Then, I would probably bring some chocolates as prizes for the winners.
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  14. This easter bingo game is really awesome. My kids like it.
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  15. This is such a cute idea and I should do this with my niece. xx
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  16. Nice idea! I love the colors and the drawings! The kids will have a lot of fun!

  17. Cute, right?That’s very cute and creative! My daughter would love this.

  18. So Cute! This game is so interesting and creative. I will make it for my children at this weekend.My kids will have a lot of fun! Again, Thanks for sharing Heidi!

  19. This bingo game is adorable. You are so creative. Thanks for this great tip.

  20. I just printed it out. So cute.
    Thanks for your sharing, Heidi.

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    Thanks so much!
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  22. Wow this is one cute Bingo! And love that it’s printable too, this way you can print out as many sheets as you need and also not have to worry that children will tear or wreck them – if they get wrecked simply print a new one lol! :D

    Thank you so much for the information and the PDF! :)
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