Sewing Projects

I am not an expert seamstress, but I sure have fun figuring things out!  If you’re not an expert either, you’ll enjoy my step-by-step instructions.  Happy sewing!  You’ll find all of my sewing projects here!


  1. so beautiful!.I gona get some of them

  2. It’s great. The designs are beautiful. I love them

  3. Hi Heidi,
    Thank you sharing such interesting stuffs.I liked 4th number image in first raw and I am going to create similar one for my nephew.

  4. Great stuff you posted here. I especially like the Felt Ice Cream it looks very real. Thanks.

  5. Just did the pancakes project with my grand-daughter and she was delighted! Thanks for sharing. We’ll probably do the ice cream one next :)

  6. I’m so lucky when i find your blog. It make me have more motivation for sewing. Thank to you I have new ideas for my Christmas gifts. :)

  7. Thanks Stephanie for sharing this awesome sewing project.I believe that it will help lots of people and kids.
    You may find the details of kids sewing…

  8. Your sewing projects are really good. Who says that you are not an expert seamstress. You have a creative mind. That chair back cover with pocket is really great. I already made one.

  9. I love the sewing projects you post here. So many creative ideas to choose from. I’m definitely going to give some of them a try. Thank you for sharing

  10. thanks for sharing , you have compiled very good list of project i am naive in sewing but still i will start with easy one and let’s see what i can do with it.