Gardening Tips and Tricks

I was not born with a green thumb, but it gets greener every year!  I grew up in Michigan, where you could practically throw seeds on the ground, and they would grow.  Now I live in the desert, where gardening is tough!  Fortunately, I come from a line of great gardeners, and I’m always looking for better ways to get a good crop.  Join me on my adventure with square-foot gardening in the desert!


  1. Northwest Texas is not labled desert…but with the drought, it could be!

  2. Your garden is beautiful! I could learn a lot from you, I think. I’m afraid my thumb is currently more black than green…but I want to learn!

  3. I have a window box under a window that gets late, hot late afternoon sun. The ivy geraniums were doing so well until our 100 degree days arrived and now their burning up. I tried sticking an old umbrella and it helped until the winds came. I then put a white towel over the flowers, anchored by rocks. That helped but is impractical since I’m not home when late afternoon sun is there and I am not able to cover them. What kind of covering can I use or should I just transplant the geraniums in a shadier spot in the yard? Any suggestions would be helpful.

  4. Love your charts. Thanks for the companion and mosquito repellant plant list. I’m new to the West Coast
    and trying to adapt to “drought conditions” here. Thanks for your information.