Splash Art! (Jackson Pollock Style)

What’s an art party without trying to copy a real artist?  Here’s a fun take on Jackson Pollock’s splatter art style:  Splash Art! In case you have never heard of Jackson Pollock, here’s a little sample and a description of his splatter art style (in his own words): My painting does not come from the … Read More

Paint Pallet Sugar Cookies Tutorial

It’s time for another art party project post: Paint Pallet Sugar Cookies! A few days before Boo’s Art Party, I came across a post by J at WhatHappensAtGrandmas.com.  (A link to her site is provided at the end of this post.) She posted about a fantastic Clothesline Art Show that she organized for her grandchildren.  … Read More

{Pull-String} Paint Can Piñata Tutorial

I finally have time to post more projects from my Boo‘s Artsy Birthday Party.  Here’s a tutorial for her Paint Can Piñata.  As long as you can get your hands on some tin snips, this is an easy and inexpensive project. Pull-String Piñata:  This type of piñata is for younger children.  There is no bat … Read More

Easy Flowered Headband Tutorial for Kids

Using this simple headband tutorial from Family Fun Magazine, my family and I created these adorable flowered headbands.  *Click on Band of Blossoms Template in the May 2012 issue.  (Dad even helped, although he wouldn’t let me take a picture of him wearing one!)

Freezer Paper Art Aprons with a Free Printable

Get ready to turn free home improvement store aprons into awesome art aprons!  Here’s what you need: An apron (pick one up at your local Home Depot when they host their Saturday Kids Workshop) Freezer paper (I found mine at Walmart) Tulip Fabric Paint in assorted colors (You can use other brands.  I like Tulip.) … Read More