Don’t Eat Pete Addition Game

Since I’m getting ready to share this game in first grade tomorrow, I thought I’d share it with you, too!  Whether the kids are new to addition or need a review after summer break, Addition Don’t Eat Pete is perfect for children in K-2nd Grade.  This game is sold in my store for $2.50. This … Read More

Don’t Eat Pete Summer Sale!

Since I’ve been spending so much time working on summer learning lately, I decided it was time for a huge sale!  Now through July 31st, you can download all six of my Don’t Eat Pete games for only $2.50!  That’s a 50% savings!  And, just for teachers, my classroom use license is included in every … Read More

Addition Facts Practice Ideas–Make it Fun!

Monday, I shared some ideas for practicing multiplication facts over the summer. Too bad those won’t help the younger kids. But wait . . . I didn’t forget them! Today I’m sharing some fun addition fact practice ideas!

Don’t Eat Pete Educational Games Free Sample

Today is my birthday, and I’m celebrating by giving a gift to my readers!  Now you can try out my Don’t Eat Pete games for free.  This Don’t Eat Pete Educational Games sampler includes a game board from each of the sets I have created so far. Here’s what you get: Colors Number Recognition 1-30 … Read More

Speed Don’t Eat Pete

If you want all of your kids to practice facts at the same time–without having to wait a long time for their next turn–try this version of Don’t Eat Pete. For this version of the game, my kids chose to play with real pennies. They got to keep the pennies they earned, and we did … Read More

Addition Railroad Freebie {I love addition games!}

Addition games make practicing math much more fun. Start each day, lesson, or homework session with this fun practice drill.  Your child will love racing around the train track as he reviews or learns his addition facts.  Kit includes addition railroad drill sheet, instructions and progress chart.  (Also included are samples of a completed railroad … Read More

What is “Don’t Eat Pete?”

If you look through my available products, you’ll notice that many are variations of a game called, “Don’t Eat Pete.”  I love this game because groups of children can play together while studying totally different things. Here’s a video of Lu playing with the colors game.  (She is talking really loud for the purpose of … Read More