Speed Don’t Eat Pete–One Player

To transform original Don’t Eat Pete into Speed Don’t Eat Pete, all you need is a stopwatch or timer. Do not choose “Pete.”  The object of this game is to clear the board (with correct answers) as quickly as possible. Start the timer as your child picks up the first marker. Stop the timer when … Read More

Speed Don’t Eat Pete

If you want all of your kids to practice facts at the same time–without having to wait a long time for their next turn–try this version of Don’t Eat Pete. For this version of the game, my kids chose to play with real pennies. They got to keep the pennies they earned, and we did … Read More

What is “Don’t Eat Pete?”

If you look through my available products, you’ll notice that many are variations of a game called, “Don’t Eat Pete.”  I love this game because groups of children can play together while studying totally different things. Here’s a video of Lu playing with the colors game.  (She is talking really loud for the purpose of … Read More