Easy Social Media Management with Viraltag

If you are a blogger or small business owner, you know that social media is crucial to drive traffic and grow your business. You also know that social media can be a time-sucking nightmare! You plan to spend just a few minutes on Pinterest or Facebook, and suddenly you’ve lost an hour! I solve that problem by using Viraltag, an awesome social media management tool that allows me to schedule my shares to social media.

ViralTag Review: Simple and Affordable Social Media Management| Schedule to 6 social media accounts with one tool! {OneCreativeMommy.com}

Viraltag Social Media Management

I started using Viraltag years ago when it was called Pingraphy. Back then, it was just a tool for scheduling to Pinterest. Until a few weeks ago, I stubbornly held onto my old version of the app — oblivious to the fact that the new version is capable of so much more! Now I schedule shares to Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (and I could also schedule to Tumblr and Linkedin)!

Social Media Management for Pinterest

UPDATED: October 2018

Before I get started, the most important thing to know is that ViralTag is a Pinterest Marketing Partner. That means they are a Pinterest approved tool that has been vetted for Technical proficiency and Pinterest Expertise. You don’t have to worry about them suddenly disappearing (as has happened with other pinning tools.)

Getting your products and blog posts pinned and shared on Pinterest is one of the best ways to drive traffic and sales. With Viraltag, you can select a product or post image to share on Pinterest and then schedule it to pin later (choosing multiple dates, times and boards for pinning). You can do this in several ways, but here’s how I do it:


  1. Choose a post or product to pin (or a pin on Pinterest to repin).
  2. Click the ViralTag bookmarket.
  3. Select the image or images you want to pin.
  4. Click “Schedule.”
  5. Choose the boards to which you’d like to pin. (You can set up quick lists to schedule to several boards with one click. See BOARD LISTS, below.)
  6. Edit the pin description (optional).
  7. Set the date and time for your first pin, and the interval (in minutes) between pins.
  8. Click “Schedule.”

*Bonus–with ViralTag’s latest update, you can now get hints on your social media share. By clicking “Post Preview” after you design your post, ViralTag will let you know if your post is too long or too short, and suggest things like relevant hashtags that would make your post better and more likely to be shared.

You can view your scheduled pins in two ways.


You can see your scheduled pins in one long list or in a weekly view. In the long list, you can drag pins around to change the order. In the weekly view, you can get a quick glance at your social media for the week. If you have scheduled to other forms of social media, you can see those shares in both views as well, or just click on one social media icon at a time to see each social media account’s shares separately.

Social Media Management for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Now that I’ve discovered this new app, I am now scheduling shares to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I love it!

ViralTag Review: Simple and Affordable Social Media Management| Schedule to 6 social media accounts with one tool! {OneCreativeMommy.com}

It’s easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload an image.
  2. Click on the appropriate social media icon. (You can use Tumblr and Linkedin, too, but since I don’t use those forms of social media, I can’t tell you how those work.)
  3. Add your description.
  4. Add a link if you want. (Since I include a link in my description for Twitter and Facebook, I only use this step for Pinterest.)
  5. Set your posting dates and times.
  6. Click to schedule!

*When you schedule to Instagram, there is an extra step. Most publishing apps can’t schedule directly to instagram. When it’s time for you post to go live, you’ll get an alert from ViralTag. Open the alert, and follow the prompts to publish your post in just a few clicks. I always set my posts to go live first thing in the morning (luckily that’s also when my readers are online). The alert is ready and waiting for me when I wake up.

No more forgetting to post on social media or getting sucked into browsing social media for hours. Just schedule and forget about it! You can even schedule your shares before your post has even published! I love it!

My favorite new feature of ViralTag

So, here’s my favorite feature for quick scheduling to Pinterest. BOARD LISTS! What’s a board list? It’s a saved group of boards that you schedule to frequently. Instead of searching for boards one by one when you schedule pins, you can find groups of boards you use often by clicking on one of your saved board lists. It’s so easy.

Here are some examples. The posts on my blog tend to fall into these categories: Parenting, Crafts, Gluten Free Recipes, Holiday Crafts, Home DIY, Cleaning, and Parties. I have saved groups of Pinterest boards that match each of those categories. When I want to pin a post, I click on the board list I want, and then I add or subtract boards as I need to. It’s so quick and easy! Did I mention that I love it?

Free Trial of ViralTag!

Are you ready to give it a try? The nice people at ViralTag will let you try their service for free for 14 days. No strings. What have you got to lose? Nothing but that time you waste on social media every day! Click the button below to visit ViralTag and start your free trial. (Once you get there, just click on the button that says “Try for Free.”)


My button is an affiliate link. If you join through my link, you get a $30 credit to apply to your account when you join! It’s a win-win! If you are a blogger, during your trial, be sure to ask about their special offers and discounts for bloggers. 

Will you give it a try? I hope so. ViralTag sure has saved me a lot of time. I am being compensated slightly for this review, but all opinions are my own, honest feelings about the service. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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