One Creative Weekend #5

Welcome back to One Creative Weekend!  I don’t know about you guys, but my week has been crazy!  We’re hosting an art party in two days, and I still have so much to do to get ready!  Thanks to Pinterest and all of you sharing your ideas on linky parties, I have way too many ideas!

The art aprons are complete–all 16!  (Can you believe I’m crazy enough to have fourteen 7-year-olds and two 10-year-old helpers in my house at one time–with paint!)

Home Improvement Apron to Art Apron

It was a pretty fun transformation to turn free Home Depot Aprons into Art Aprons.  I think the kids are going to love them!  Here’s a sneak peak at how to make them.  If you want the full tutorial, see this post.

Steps 5-9 to create art apron using freezer paper

Now all I have to do is test out the art projects, fill up water balloons with paint and create a giant pallet for the Jackson Pollock project, create a pinata out of a paint can, make pallet cookies, and bake the cake!  No problem.  What have I gotten myself into?  At least I will have plenty of ideas to post next week!

Now, onto the features!

The most linked project was . . . drum roll, please . . . The DIY Scavenger Hunt Find It Game from Katie at The Crafty Blog Stalker!  (I had actually chosen it as one of my favorites, too.)  What could be better than going into the wilderness and having a scavenger hunt?—Having a special container to collect the treasures.  My kids are going to love it!  It’s perfect for family night.  Be sure to stop by and give her some love.

DIY Scavenger Hunt Game

And now . . . some of my favorites–it’s getting harder and harder to choose each week!

Aloha Pizza from Love Bakes Good Cakes

Love Bakes Good Cakes created this tasty twist on my favorite pizza.  I didn’t think Hawaiian Pizza could get any better, but this looks yummy!  (Too bad my hubby hates pineapple.  I’ll have to make it when he’s not home!)  Check out Jamie’s Aloha Pizza.

Cherry Limeade from the Seven Year Cottage

I’ve been thinking about this Cherry Limeade from the Seven Year Cottage all week.    I can’t wait to get a little more free time and give it a try.  Can’t you just picture yourself sitting on the back porch sipping one of those?  I know I can!  Thanks for sharing, Hollie.  (It doesn’t hurt that she’s an awesome photographer, too!  I wish my blog pics looked that good!)

Beach Party from Meaningful Nest

Since I have birthday parties on the brain this week, I was especially drawn to this Beach Party on a Budget post from Nicky at the Meaningful Nest.  Not only were the projects amazing, but I absolutely loved the color scheme!  I think my favorite part is the blue jello cubes to represent the water.  Awesome!

Summer Craft and Activities Collection

Aimee, at It’s Overflowing, shared an awesome collection of Crafts and Activities for Summer.  My favorite is the paint chip art.  Finally–something to do with the paint chips my kids bring home every time we visit the paint section!  Remember, her post is a collection of ideas from other blogs.  If you want to pin, please be kind and visit the blogs of the idea originators.

Oh, my goodness!  I need to get back to party planning, but I really want to highlight two more entries.  I am insane!  Who needs sleep, anyway?

Toddler Sensory Bottles

How cool are these Sensory Bottles from Britni at Hubby Made Me?  She calls them Toddler Sensory Bottles, but I think all of my kids would love them! *Sorry.  It looks like Britni has redone her website and removed this post.  Her new site is called  You can try to find it there if you are interested.  

Play Kitchen Upcycle from Mommy's Ordinary Magic

Yes, my children already have a very nice, plastic play kitchen.  Somehow that doesn’t stop me from completely falling in love with every homemade play kitchen on the web!  This kitchen from Ordinary Magic is no exception.  Monica turned an outdated TV stand into this fantastic play kitchen.  You have to go to her post to see all of the creative details.  I love the magnetic cupboard doors.  Awesome job!  (Since the advent of widescreen TV, these types of stands are popping up at garage sales everywhere!  Time to snag one?)

Now, onto the party!  Sorry to keep you waiting!


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