Fantastic Features {from One Creative Weekend #12}

One Creative Weekend Week 12 Features {}

I’m trying something new this week.  Instead of putting my features on the party page–making the post super long, I’ll be posting my features the day before.  Take a look at my favorites from last week: (Starting with the Fall-themed projects)

Monster Cake PopsDon’t you just love these Monster Cake Pops from Housing a Forest? You’ll have to visit her site to see all of the great designs.

DIY Spiderwebs from Happy Tree Life

I can’t wait to make these Halloween Spiderwebs from Happy Tree Life. I live in the desert, so sticks are a little scarce, but I think tumbleweed pieces might even work for this. (Updated 3/2014 — Unfortunately, the blog has been taken down.  Wish I still had the instructions!)

Ghost Poo

Crystal and Co shared this awesome Ghost Poo. What kid wouldn’t love that? (And it’s naturally gluten-free!)

Up Halloween Costume

The Winthrop Chronicles included 25 homemade Halloween costumes in this must-see post. I’ve included the pic of my favorite: Up!  (Credit for the original image:  Auburn Soul Photography)

Masked Pumpkin

Check out this fantastic masked pumpkin by Thrifty Decor Mom. She was guest posting at Blissful and Domestic when she shared this idea, so I’m giving you two links. Find the project here. Visit Trifty Decor Mom here.  (Did you notice that this is a felt project?  I love felt projects!  Did you know that I have a Felt Food/Felt Project Linky Party that is always open?  Check it out!)

Candy Apple RecipesCandy apples are one of my favorite things. Here are 3 great recipes from Made in a Day. (The best part for me? Depending on the brands you choose, these can be gluten-free too!)  Why do I care about gluten free?

Rake Wreath

This cool and unique wreath was made by Heatherly Loves.  Do you think we’ll see a Fall Rake Wreath trend soon?  I’ve never seen anything like it.  What a great idea.

Braided Scarf

I love this Braided Scarf from Sunny Stitching.  Would you believe that this beautiful scarf was made from an old, stained t-shirt?

Coat Rack from Pallet

Check out this fantastic Pallet Coat Hanger from Pieces to Treasure.  I have tons of pallet projects pinned on pinterest.  Where do you find an abandoned pallet anyway?  I see them at construction sites, but I’m assuming those are reused for new jobs.  This project looks great for a small space.

Cozie Coup Minnie Mouse Car

Last, but not least, what little girl wouldn’t love one of these?  You can find this Minnie Mouse Car at Little Corbin Hill.  (And now that you’ve seen that these cars can be made over, the possibilities are endless!)

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I hope you’ll all be back tomorrow to link up at One Creative Weekend #13.  Party number 13–on a Friday–a perfect day to pull out Halloween projects and link them up (with your other great ideas, of course).  See you tomorrow!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my spider webs! I can’t wait to see how yours turn out with tumbleweeds – I think they will be awesome!

  2. What great ideas! I love the spider webs. And we have a really well loved push/foot car. I’m totally intrigued by the makeover idea.

  3. Love all the ideas!

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for featuring my braided scarf. It’s always a major boost to see that someone enjoys something I made! I’ve really enjoyed the other features as well, especially the spiderwebs and candy apples…might have to make some of those with my kids. Have a great weekend!
    :-) Jessica

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