The Ultimate List of Do’s and Don’ts for Marketing on Pinterest

3. Key Words Drive the Search

Now let’s talk pin descriptions. Because Pinterest is a search engine, your pin descriptions should be clear and include key words. Think about what phrases you would use to search for your image, product or post. That is what you want in your description.

Do include descriptions for every pin

When you upload a pin to Pinterest, do not leave the pin description blank or assume that the title of your image is good enough for a pin description. The pin description drives traffic! The image and the description are each an opportunity to attract customers to your site. Potential customers who scroll the Pinterest feed looking for ideas will be drawn to your images. Potential customers who search Pinterest using the key word search will find you based on your pin descriptions.

Consider this image and the pin descriptions below (and yes, I recgonize that my photography is not stellar!):

You'll never believe these amazing Lemon Pound Cake Cupcakes are gluten free! An irresistibly moist and delicious dessert recipe! {}

Bad pin description: These cupcakes look so good! (The description isn’t specific enough. Cupcakes is too general a keyword. The pin will get lost in a sea of cupcake pins.)

Don’t do this: gluten free recipe, lemon pound cake, easy recipe, lemon, spring ideas, best recipe ideas, glutenfree, simple recipes (Don’t just stuff the description with every key word you can think of.)

Better: I can’t wait to try these lemon pound cake cupcakes! (Now the key words are more specific to include lemon pound cake.)

Best: You’ll never believe these amazing lemon pound cake cupcakes are gluten free! Check out the easy recipe. (This description creatively includes several key words — lemon pound cake, cupcakes, gluten free, and easy recipe.)

Best: Gluten Free Lemon Pound Cake Cupcakes Recipe for Spring | Easy Recipe Idea (This description also includes the same key words, but it is organized into a more formal description.)

Do use key words correctly

When including key words, do not use hashtags. Hashtags are searchable on social media, but do not help a search in Pinterest. The only time to use them is if a sponsor has asked you to include a hashtag or if you need to include #ad or #sponsored to a pin from a sponsored post.

Keywords are formatted with spaces in between the words. Putting other characters like +, – or _ between the words makes your descriptions harder to read and might make your keywords harder to find. Think about it. When you put keywords in a search bar to search for something online, do you use hashtags, + signs, or dashes? Other people don’t either. Using them with your keywords on Pinterest won’t make your keywords invisible, but they will not show up as well in the search.

Try it. Search for something in Pinterest. The most popular pins with those key words will show up in your feed. Look at the pin descriptions. Do you see hashtags, + signs and dashes? Nope. Don’t use them.

The best strategies to optimize your images and keywords to market your website and brand on Pinterest! {} Pinterest Marketing Strategy

That’s it! I hope these ideas inspire you to better use Pinterest as a tool to drive traffic to your business. Do you have any other Pinterest marketing strategies to share? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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  1. I have been using my Pinterest as social media. You’re right though, it def. could be considered more of a search engine, and I could change up my tactics to increase traffic. It’s one of my favorite places to visit, and I’m happy to have read this information.

  2. These tips are excellent, especially for beginners. I have heard plenty of success stories regarding marketing on Pinterest, but certainly have more to learn.
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  3. These are great tips! Pinterest can be very confusing. It is something that I am working on.

  4. Some really great tips and suggestions. I love Pinterest and fun to learn a little more about it and how useful it can be.

  5. I have been wanting to up my Pinterest game and this is a huge help. I am going to follow some of your tips for sure.

    • Me too, Robin. It’s one of those sites I love to visit for myself, but as far as my blogging goes, haven’t really tweaked to work in an optimal way. I do have plans to up my Pinterest involvement too though, eventually! I def. appreciate coming across articles like this one that will help.

  6. This is helpful! Pinterest is the account I struggle most with, so I will keep these tips in mind for sure.
    Amber Myers recently posted…My Teenager Smiled And It’s Because Of Disney WorldMy Profile

  7. Thanks for the info! This is really helpful. I’m trying to up my Pinterest involvement.

  8. These are great tips! I did not realize how big Pinterest was for my business until the last couple of months and boy has it made a difference in my traffic!

  9. This is all great advice. Treating Pinterest like a search engine and not a social media platform is definitely one of the most important things to remember. Adding alt-tags to images also helps with Pinterest SEO.

  10. Man, I’m doing Pinterest ALL wrong. Sigh.

    Time to work on that and get my graphics up to snuff!
    Author Brandi Kennedy recently posted…Thursday Thoughts: Practice What You PreachMy Profile

  11. I think pinterest is not that confusing we just have to figure out how it works. This is such a good guide especially for those who are just starting out or those who would like to improve their page.

  12. How cool! I think it’s nice to have a guide like this especially since I don’t use pinterest for marketing. I should really start studying how it works.

  13. Pinterest is something that I have not paid much attention to. I think it’s awesome that you shared this with us. I learned a lot while going through the pages.
    Carol Cassara recently posted…Girlfriends are the best friendsMy Profile

  14. I don’t focus all my marketing on pinterest but it’s great especially when you’re running a business. I’d love to bookmark this guide that you shared!
    Amanda Love recently posted…Reasons to Visit the Black Hills of South DakotaMy Profile

  15. We use Pinterest and I absolutely agree with everything you said. A lot of people are using it wrong. Hope that you will reach some of them. ;)

  16. Wow such helpful tips! I was not aware of how helpful Pinterest is!!

  17. Agentszerozerosetter says:

    These tips are really interesting! I’ll sure follow some of them to grow my Pinterest account!

  18. I have been using Pinterest to pin my recipes and its not helping me much. May be I need to learn more about Pinterest.

  19. Great tips! I personally love using Canva to do all my blog images, which makes it easy to do those long pins you mentioned. Thankfully making my pins look like the ones I like to see has worked for me!

  20. These are great tips! I’m starting to use Pinterest as one of my social media for blog, but yah, still learning. But for my photos, I so love to use Canva for posts, either blog graphics or social media posts, and again, still learning.

  21. Blair villanueva says:

    Thanks for your tips! I’ll need to give time and focus on updating my Pinterest and incorporate it to my blog.

  22. I agree, Pinterest is much more than social media. Powerful images are more important
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  24. We use Pinterest and I absolutely agree with everything you said. Now I’m learning how to use it correctly.

  25. These are great tips. I really need to work on my Pinterest account. It is definitely lacking in all aspects.

  26. A very well said statement, Pinterest is not social media. Completely agree with you. Great tips.
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