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Hi, everyone. The form I have used in the past for my contact me form is no longer working. While I work to find a new form to use, feel free to email me at this address:

I love to hear from you. I try to check my email every day, but life does get busy with three kids, so it may take a few days to get back to you.



  1. I was wondering any ideas what kind of fabric or other to use to lengthen a spandex dress having a hard time finding the same weight of knit any ideas would be helpful thank you in advance

  2. Hi there,

    I’m interested in your printable for the spy badges? I wanted to customize for my son’s birthday!


  3. Hi Heidi! We’d like to feature one of your projects on Red Tricycle. Could you e-mail me to discuss? Thanks!

  4. Hi! Where did you get the shelf with the 8 bins for organizing your kids toys? Thanks

  5. Hi there! Love your Spy Party invitations, and wanted to check on your rates/availability for personalization.
    Please email me when you can. Thanks.

  6. Do you do freelance design work for others? I’m working on a book for children and am interested in your work.

  7. Hi Heidi
    We are preparing a laundry room organisation feature on our website and wanted to ask permission to use one image and link to your blog post from our features. Thanks Jill

  8. Hi! i I adore your Spy Party printables!! Is there anyway to get the file with the envelope blank?

  9. Heidi, seems like you mentioned having created printable Christmas bingo cards with religious pictures on them, but I can’t find them on your website. Can you help me find these?

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