Surprise! $600 PayPal Cash Giveaway!

Who wants to win $600 PayPal Cash! Stop by and enter! {}

Happy Monday? Why is this a happy Monday, you ask? Because a bunch of bloggers and I have gotten together to give you a chance to win $600 PayPal Cash! We’re really grateful to our readers, and to show our appreciation, we want to give you a break on your back-to-school shopping, a family trip, … Read More

Defend the Family by Teaching Children about the Divine Roles of Mother and Father

Wonder how to protect the family when traditional family are under attack? You must read these tips to teach children about the divine roles of mothers and fathers. {}

The traditional family is under attack. Having children outside of marriage used to be taboo, but now it is commonplace and widely accepted. Staying home to care for home and children used to be an admirable career path for women, but now that career is under valued. Dignified, understanding and loving fathers used to be the television … Read More

Small Space Living — One Room, Two Functions

Love this creative idea for small space living! She was tired of her kids fighting over keeping their room clean, so she created an extra bedroom. You'll never guess where she put it! {}

Remember the bunk bed fort post I shared last week? Did you wonder what happened to the bottom bunk? It (and little sister) have a new home in a newly created bedroom. Today I’m sharing a small space living tip — how to find room for an extra bedroom when you don’t think you have … Read More

Best Summer Fruit Salad Recipes!

Best Summer Fruit Salad Recipes: These look so refreshing! I don't know which to try first. {}

Isn’t fresh fruit one of the best parts of summer? I simply can’t get enough. So, to honor some of my favorite treats, I’m sharing 13 of the best summer fruit salad recipes. YUM! These recipes come from great food bloggers. Be sure to visit their sites to get the full recipes. 13 Summer Fruit Salad Recipes … Read More

Who knew that this annoying space could turn into such a fun bunk bed fort?

I love how she turned an annoying bunk bed into a fun bunk bed fort for her daughter! I have to try this. {}

Do any other moms out there totally hate their kids’ bunk beds? It’s almost impossible to change the sheets, it’s super hard to actually tuck a kid into the top bunk, and you can never sit on the edge of the bed and tell stories or sing songs. I was about to put this bunk … Read More

Bust boredom with these adorable mini paper kites!

Get your kids outdoors and bust boredom this summer with easy mini paper kites! {} Such a fun kids craft!

Are your kids dying of boredom this summer like mine? I’m not ready to send my girls back to school yet, but I am in desperate need of some more things for them to do! Today, we made these adorable mini paper kites. They’re quick and easy enough for your youngest crafters. Depending on age, … Read More

Simple Chore Chart for Kids

Help little ones establish routines and learn responsibility with this super simple chore chart for kids! {}

Hi, everybody. I’m playing hookie today and hanging out with the lovely ladies of Pretty Providence. I’m sharing this super simple chore chart for kids. My sister was looking for a way to organize the morning for her twins, and she suggested this simple format. I love it! Once the kids finish a task, they … Read More

Spy Birthday Party Time Bomb Piñata

The perfect way to end a Spy Birthday Party! Kids have to disarm the piñata by pulling on the strings. {}

What spy birthday party would be complete without a big bang? (A pretend one, at least.) Our Top Secret Spy Mission during Lu’s spy birthday party led to this Time Bomb Piñata. We explained that we were able to stop the timer at 37 seconds, but the agents needed to disarm the bomb. It’s a pull-string piñata, so … Read More

Spy Birthday Party Ideas — Spy Mission and Clues

Such fun spy birthday party ideas! Send the kids to spy training and then on a top secret mission to find the hidden time bomb. Great ideas for clues, too! {}

We had such a fun time with Lu’s Spy Birthday Party. I’m secretly sad that I won’t be able to use that theme again. I think I had as much fun as the kids! Honestly, there is just too much to share in one post. Today I’m sharing our Top Secret Spy Mission (and some free printable … Read More